Seoul Pen Show


Fountain Pen Research Institute (FPRI)

We are the one and only Fountain Pen Research Institute in South Korea.

Since 2007, We open to the public and has provided repair, maintenance and education for all kinds of pens from 120 years old vintages to modern ones.

South Korea’s first fountain pen book, ranked in the top 15 of huge book store, was published by Director of FPRI who adjust and repair more than 20,000 pcs of fountain pens. In addition, he has written periodical columns about writing instrument for several major newspaper such as Chosunilbo and he has published several books concerning fountain pen. Furthermore, he has been a president of the biggest Korean pen community, Penhood and head of committee for Seoul Pen Show.

During the TIPS, we want to offer following items;

1) Share repair methods: Parker Vacumatic, Parker Aeromatic and Parker Button Filler

è Assemble and disassemble, change sacs and fitting

2) Check the writing instruments (not adjusting or repair)

3) Selling pens:

è Vintages: Parker Vacumatic, Parker 51 and others

è Moderns: Montblanc 146, 149 and others