Tree Ring Co.

Tree Ring Co. (est. 2009) Montana, USA, manufactures pens, watches, and jewelry that embody time by displaying a tree’s annual growth rings. The stories of struggle and triumph are preserved in the narrow and wide rings of the wood, offering us a connection to a past place and time.  Tree Ring Co. artisan, Dave Wager, uses his training as a forester and pen and watchmaker to create his work.  Our fine writing instruments and watches commemorate milestones of individuals, society, and natural history through the growth rings of a tree.

Tree Ring® watches and pens show decades and centuries, respectively, of annual rings on each piece.  Timepieces are made using a thin slice from a slow growing tree.  The year the tree was born, available from 1919-2009, is engraved near the center of the tree. This year represents when the tree was first established.  Watches are made with a Swiss quartz movement and stainless-steel case rated to 5 ATM.

Each Tree Ring pen is crafted from a slow growing Douglas-fir tree and shows at least a century of annual rings.  Each year engraved on the pen corresponds to the year the wood formed in the tree used to craft it. Pens are available as ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain. Fountain pens are crafted with black titanium plating and feature German made JoWo Berliner nibs, one of the world’s best steel nibs.

Custom engraving options are available on all pens and watches.  For the Tokyo Pen Show we will be offering a special on our Kanji watches and pen.  Select a meaningful or auspicious year and your choice of Kanji, and we will craft a truly unique customized piece for you.

Visit us at before the show, and we can custom make a pen or watch to have ready for you at the Tokyo pen show.  Ph. 01.406.493.1490; Email

Tree Ring Co.